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The consultation process for the development of a potential Humber-LNP runs from January 2012 to June 2012. During this time there will be different meetings and workshops, you can also register your interest to get involved in the Consultation Process. Counts are carried out once a month on a designated count date and potential counters (for the key sections at least) would need to be experienced in being able to identify and count large numbers of waders and wildfowl. If you would be interested in counting any of these sections, please get in touch at or visit the BTO website at for more information about the survey.

Alternatively you can check the Humber-LNP “Development” News for updates on what is happening. The final decision on the structure will come from the discussion on the scope of action and initiatives to be developed by the Humber LNP, also the balance between strategic and delivery components of the initiative. It seems wise at this point to explore different options and consider the structures and initiatives currently present so not to duplicate what is already working very well in the Humber. Humber LNP should develop as a mechanism enhancing the good existing examples of cross-sector cooperation in the Humber.

Holding a Consultation Workshop on the potential implementation of a Local National Partnership on the Humber (Humber-LNP). The objective of this workshop is to consult stakeholders present in the Humber on the aims and scope of a potential Humber-LNP, the initiatives that such a LNP would take forward and start the discussion on a "Vision for the Humber". The preliminary conclusions are now available below as well as the speaker’s presentations. Bring together a range of local stakeholders to join efforts and make the best use of the available resources.

Tania Davey, Project Manager of the Humber Management Scheme said “We want to engage as many people as possible in the project including those with an environmental, economic or social interest in the Estuary to ensure that the vision can be agreed and actively supported by a wide range or organisations. It is essential that we raise the importance of the value of the Humber Estuary to the environment whilst balancing this with the economic and social potential.”